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Cover Reveal!

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

It's a big day. The publisher has sent over the final version of the cover for Broken Genius!

Oceanview Publishing has been amazing to work with. You hear horror stories about how debut authors, and even some established authors, get no input on the cover design. That's certainly not been the case with Oceanview. They sought out my feedback from the beginning and kept me engaged in the process all the way along.

In the first round of design, they got some covers back that weren't great. They recognized that right away, went back for a second round. One from the early series had elements that we liked, but the central image was all wrong. The final design incorporates some of those initial design elements, and elevates them further into what I think is a pretty darn cool cover.

The finishing touch came in the form of a pull quote from a blurb kindly provided to me by Kelley Armstrong. I've been a fan of Kelley's work for a long time. So this was some serious icing on the cake!

Here it is, the cover for Broken Genius, available June 2, 2020, everywhere books are sold!

Available June 2, 2020, wherever books are sold!


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