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COVID-19 Update: Conference Appearances and Book Launch

Unfortunately, as of April 16, 2020 both ThrillerFest and Bouchercon have been cancelled due to concerns around social distancing during COVID-19. While disappointing, the abundance of caution around exposure to Coronavirus is in the best interests of all attendees and completely understandable.

Broken Genius will launch on June 2nd as scheduled.

Pre-orders have been open for a while now, and books have shipped from the printer to the major book retailers. Shipping may be delayed from the retailers to purchasers, so please be patient. The ebook will be available on launch day for instant delivery as usual.

Events to support the launch of Broken Genius will take place in June. What they look like is uncertain right now due to the current state of social distancing measures, but there will be something either in-person or virtual. Stay tuned for more information as decisions are made!

In the meantime, signing up for my newsletter is a great way to stay in touch. Each month I'm sharing the usual fun and useful content as we navigate through the pandemic. April's newsletter features iconic movies set in California and tech tips for winning at video conferencing.

I can't wait to see you at book signings and writing conferences just as soon as conditions allow. Until then, stay safe and keep reading!


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