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In 2011, Will Parker, the young prodigy CEO of a big tech company makes a coding mistake that costs a college student her life. To assuage his guilt, Will pursues a career in the FBI Cyber Division.


Now, Special Agent Will Parker is called to investigate a murder scene at a Comic-Con event in the Midwest, where the victim has ties to a radioactive quantum computer that Will was working on before he left his gig as CEO.


Working with smart local homicide detective Dana Lopez and FBI stuffed-shirt Thomas Decker, Will discovers the victim was holding an auction for the computer on the Dark Web—and the bidding is still live.


With bidders including a legendary Chinese hacker, Russian criminals sent by the Kremlin, and a corporate executive desperate to escape a scandal, Will once again finds a life in his hands when the victim’s daughter is taken hostage. A trail of blood and high-tech breadcrumbs leads Will deeper into mystery, danger, and a race against time to keep unlimited power out of the wrong hands.


"Will Parker, a genius with considerable baggage and even more wealth, works for the FBI. There's a lot of excitement in this debut novel, and you'll be running along with Will the whole way.”

Charlaine Harris, NYT bestselling author of the Gunnie Rose series

"A tech thriller with brains and heart. Memorable characters and sharply written action scenes make this excellent debut a standout.”

Kelley Armstrong, #1 NYT bestselling author of Wherever She Goes

“Fast, fun, factual. Murray’s pacing propels the reader through BROKEN GENIUS at warp speed. His insider knowledge of Silicon Valley provides a compelling verisimilitude—you know you’re in the hands of a master.”

—K.J.Howe, international bestselling author of SKYJACK

"Drew Murray swings for the fences and hits a home run with his debut BROKEN GENIUS. Crisply plotted and highly entertaining with believable characters and compelling dialogue that keep the story moving at a galloping pace." 

—Simon Gervais, international bestselling author of Hunt Them Down

"Computer geeks will look forward to Will's further adventures." 

Publishers Weekly

"This classic good-versus-evil high-tech novel will intrigue computer geeks and a squad of Comic-Con fans, along with anyone who enjoys a well-crafted thriller"

"Drew Murray's technothriller Broken Genius is [a] perfect escapist read." 

Crime Reads

"This is a solid thriller with a plausible story and a flawed but determined hero." 


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